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Kidkonnect TM – the smartest way to connect schools, parents and teachers. Kidkonnect is available on smartphones as well as on Web based applications.
Simple and Seamless

KidkonnectTM is the ultimate school to parent communication tool. KidkonnectTM provides schools with an easy way to communicate to parents about everything they need to know about their child at school like Diary, Alerts, Comments, events and galleries, Holiday calendar, school notices, school timetables, Absentee forms, school documents and much more.

Makes life easy

KidkonnectTM helps school to communicate, organize, share and learn. KidkonnectTM provides a great alternative to SMS alerts by using Free Push Alert Notifications to notify parents of updates. KidkonnectTM can be plugged in to the school's existing website and can be easily accessed.

Access Anywhere Any Time

This makes it easy for parents to easily access Information anywhere anytime.

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