About us

AnT Infotech Pvt Ltd is a leading software Product Development Company in India. Our legacy and business values encourage us to invest in long-term partnerships.

The applications and products developed by AnT Infotech Pvt Ltd have helped some of the world’s best known brands to effectively communicate products and services to target audiences and maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction. At AnT Infotech, we consider the benefits of developing the application with a global audience in mind. By improving reliability, speed and agility, we enable our customers to achieve sustainable differential advantage.

Kidkonnect™ is a technology product from AnT Infotech Pvt Ltd. Kidkonnect™ – the smartest way to connect schools and parents. Our school management software company is run out of Pune.

Kidkonnect™ helps school to Communicate, Organize and Share.

Our vision is to face the reality today and provide the best to our fellow human beings.

We believe in matching our vision with our team & growing towards our mission step by step.

Our Mission is to join hands with different professional companies to provide the best services from our end to our clients such as students, teachers, parents and schools.

We want to be an educational centric company which will be appreciated globally for our services, our related partnerships and high performance

Our people are the key to achieving our vision, so we work hard to create an environment that acknowledges our employees’ unique talents, contributions and accomplishments. We offer our employees leading-edge strategies that provide an exciting vision of the future. Our employees are accountable for fulfilling the responsibilities of their jobs and striving for the highest level of performance.