Why use Kidkonnect?

Unlike old school methods, Kidkonnect provides seamless and paperless solutions for school management and communication.

Kidkonnect completely changes the school’s way of administration and communication with the teachers and parents. Organize your Staff and Student profiles, never lose out on an Admission Enquiry, manage your fee structuring and collection and keep a check on your inventory. Offer Bus Tracking and Daycare billing to your clients. All this is possible on your laptops. All you need is an internet connection and you can manage your school from across the globe!!

All these enable the schools to save time and money and administer their school in a seamless, paperless way. A service like Kidkonnect will help your school/preschool to get more students as well.

Kidkonnect takes away a huge burden from the shoulders of the teachers. You don’t need to spend a chunk of your day taking Attendance, writing Diary notes in every child’s diaries or addressing the parents’ concerns through Comments. Free up your day so you can focus on what you do best-helping the kids develop to their best potential.

Modules like Daycare enable you to update the parents about what their child is up to. In case the teacher feels the need to contact any of the parents personally, 'Feedback' can be used to do so. In case of any urgent notifications, the Alert module is available.

Gone are the days when parents had to hunt through their children’s bags to look for chits of paper with notes. With Kidkonnect, parents are given a platform where they receive Diary notes and Alerts on their phones in real time. They can also place any worries they have in front of their teachers immediately using 'Personal Comments' instead of waiting for Parent Teacher Meeting which occur once every couple of months. Worried about your child’s school attendance? You can now check their Attendance register on your phone itself. You can also fill Absentee forms and apply for a leave in case your child can’t attend school for any reason. View the time table, Upcoming Events, Photo Gallery and Fees at a click of a button. Not only this, but Kidkonnect lets you see the location of your child’s bus through its Bus Tracking module.

Especially for working and busy parents the Day care module is an answer to many of their problems. You can view the exact time your child has been in day care while at the same time seeing the activities they have been engaged in (e.g. nap, eating, playing, etc.).

All this is possible from anywhere at any time as long as you have your smartphone in your hand. Never miss any events/Alerts as you will be notified on your phone itself.

Due to unavoidable circumstances parents at times are not able to manage the fees to send their ward to a school with advanced facilities. To help the parents to cope with the situation, Kidkonnect has introduced loan facility for the parents. Using Kidkonnect application, the parents can apply for loan online. We are soon tying up with loan aggregator which is in turn relates to 64 banks at different locations across India.

Once the parents apply for the loan, it will be auto evaluated by aggregator and based on the location and the profile of the applicant, the financial institution will be suggested to the parent and basic documents will be forwarded to them. The bank/financial institute will be selected according to the requirement of parents. On submission of the original documents and after completion of necessary formality, the amount will be disbursed directly to the school’s account. The parents can re-pay to the bank according to its terms and condition agreed.

This helps schools to collect fees very easily and may be for a year together.