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In today’s world people need better coordination of operation and exchange of information. Our school management software helps you monitor all student related activities and convey it to the parents such as attendance, test reports, audio/video files and much more. It is our various innovative features that make us one of the best school management softwares in India.

1. Attendance

Kidkonnect enables the teacher to take attendance on their phone itself.

Parents are notified when students are absent.

Attendance records can be generated. Teachers can calculate the students’ total attendance and percentage without wasting a single minute.

In this way kidkonnect makes the tedious and time-consuming task of attendance easy.

Even staff attendance can be recorded, and half day can be maintained.

2. School Diary

Using this module, the teachers can send diary notifications to all or selected students from their phone itself. Gone are the days when they had to sit and write in each students’ diary.

Kidkonnect has come up with a digital diary where the teachers can update the student’s activities, pictures, notes, videos, worksheets, food, mood, medication and naps.

Nowadays, parents usually come late from their workplace and due to their busy schedule don’t get enough time to read the diary for school updates or requirements by the teachers. Kidkonnect with its online diary provides a solution to this problem.

3. Time Table

In the current scenario, the schools invests money in printing time tables which are sent to the child in their dairy.

These can be misplaced and result in hassle for the school to deliver another time table.

Kidkonnect helps the school management to update and edit the time table at any time, and for the parents it is made easily accessible on their device.

4. Teacher Comments

Nowadays, parents get very few instances to interact with the teachers which happens only during the parent-teachers meet or when the parents drop or pick their child.

But this process creates a communication gap between teachers and parents.

Kidkonnect provides a smooth flow of communication without exchanging personal contact numbers.

Also, the conversation can only be initiated by the teacher. The conversation between the teacher and the parents can be supervised by the admin.

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