Event & Gallery

Your school history & prestige are the pictures and events. We need to treasure them in kind of private art gallery.

Your events are catalyst and it sparks extraordinary result, KidKonnect assist you in this important mission.

Customize & Share your School pictures and choose which photos to show on your website as and when you feel.

1. Events

Events are important to the parents as they can see the progress their child is making in various activities. They need to be notified when any such events are taking place but currently this is being done verbally or through a note in the child/s diary.

Many times, the parents do not get the right information.

This module informs the parents of any upcoming events. As this is available on their phone itself, parents’ can plan their lives around these events better.

2. Gallery

Parents usually demand pictures of their child and management invests money in local vendors.

This is a time-consuming process as the parents select the photos they want and then the order is placed and the delivery of the same takes a while.

Kidkonnect has made this process hassle free where the management can easily upload the pictures and the parents can choose and download their child’s picture as many times they want from their phone itself. Since different events are conducted, various albums for each event can be made which makes it easier for the parents to select which album or which event’s pictures they need. This process is very simple as the photos can be uploaded either through the web or the application.

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