Why use Kidkonnect?

Will Kidkonnect- the school management system software, work long term?
Appeal is 32+ years old company. we are into software development for the last 10 years servicing clients in India and Abroad, viz UK, USA, Europe, UAE etc. . We are also into Real Estate and Infra Projects across Pune & Konkan, Maharashtra.
How many other schools/institutes are currently using Kidkonnect?
1000+ (Kidzee, LM, Bachpan, Era Kids, Euro Kids, Aadyant, Serra, Smart Kidz etc.)
We have other options like Facebook / mails/ text / Whats app etc.?
KidKonnect/KlassKonnect is not just about communication. It also provides various other administrative features along with your very own website and school management app. Even as far as communication is concerned it provides seamless recorded communication without exchanging private numbers.
Why KidKonnect / KlassKonnect?
We are one of the oldest and most established school management system softwares in India. Kidkonnect is a one stop shop to provide solutions for most of your school’s problems.
Schools are comfortable speaking to parents when parents come to pick/drop their kids (small schools).
Parents or teachers will not be able to have satisfactory interaction when there are so many parents picking their kids up at the same time. Any concerns that need to be raised should be raised in privacy and where ample time is available to give the concern importance.
Have not heard Company name ?
Refer Q no 1
How much time will it take for demo/presentation?
10 to 15 mins
I already have my website. Can that be linked with school management app?
What about entering the data?
When you first opt for Kidkonnect services, we will enter the data on your behalf. After that Kidkonnect is user friendly enough for you o enter your own data.
How about training parents / staff?
We provide training for parents and staff. After that online training is provided as well.
Can you guarantee the safety of our data?
We follow strict rules and regulations as designed & instructed under ITIL. We follow tier III data center norms.
What if services are stopped/paused? What about compensation?
Services will never be stopped. In case of downtime, Customers will be intimated in advance and the downtime will be only facilitated on a holiday. Service otherwise will be paused/stopped in case of nonpayment.
Is internet connection needed 24*7 for using our school management system application?
Users need to have access to internet whenever they want to use Kidkonnect.
Is hacking possible?
Hacking is not possible; we are serviced and supported by the best Firewall and other Internet security protocols
How much space limit will be given?
2 GB
What difference will KidKonnect/KlassKonnect make?
Our softwares will help your institution step into the digital area. Enjoy paperless and efficient management. Free your teacher from the burden of everyday administrative work. Our various modules will help your organization satisfy its clientele.
Will it need a separate person? (for admin)
No. The solution reduces work load of everyone at the school. It reduces manual work.
How much time is consumed (for each person)?
Without KidKonnect/Klasskonnect teacher currently consumes about 45-60 mins, of her school work time doing various tasks. Using our school management software will drastically reduce their workload and also give them the freedom to do these from anywhere, anytime.
Will the past history remain for a long term?
Yes, updates and records can be downloaded and saved.
How long will you be charging the same amount?
This is a SAAS model, Software as a Service.
Why Rs. 19500?
This amount has been calculated taking into account the services and storage facility provided. This also takes care of your uninterrupted service.
Is there any Limit to adding number of students, Staff etc.?
No, you can add any number of students and staff. Limitations are based only on your package.
What other activities to come up?
We keep on updating our software with innovative features e.g Admission portal called Edusearch. We also from time to time organize Events, Competition etc..
How much time will it take to give me the complete and ready product?
2 working days.